You'll shoot your eye out.

2006 Suzuki DR-Z250

I’ve been shopping for one for a few weeks, and yesterday I finally picked up a motorcycle. It’s a 2006 Suzuki DR-Z250 that I plan on making street legal. I was originally shopping for a DR-Z400 but they’re hard to come by in good condition and within my price range. I’ve already put a mile on the odometer just by putting around in the back yard (which is laughable if you’ve ever seen my property). It oughta get me farther into the backcountry and ultimately lead to more hiking and exploring.
Test-driving this bike was actually my first time riding a motorcycle–I was willing to buy it without riding it, but the stoner kid from Kearns insisted that I take it for a spin. It hasn’t been maintained all that well, but with a new chain, oil change, and air filter cleaning, it should be good to go. The throttle was a little sticky so this evening I took it apart and cleaned and lubed it. I’ll have more time to clean it up and tinker a little more after this weekend, then I can gain some riding experience and get a motorcycle endorsement on my driver’s license.

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  1. 1 – Purchase safety gear – you can never have too much safety gear!
    2 – Wood Hill gas well roads for basic dirt/gravel practice.
    3 – Alrad & Cordingly Canyons for Jeep Road practice.
    4 – ATV Trail in Gordon Creek for 52″ trail practice.
    5 – Chimney Rock or Uinta Forest for Singletrack practice.
    6 – Canyonlands here Dennis comes!!!!
    Alan P.

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