My name is Dennis Udink and I live in Price, Utah, USA, with my wife Traci, our two boys Michael and Bradley, and our Brittany Spaniels Boulder and Delta.

The Whole Family

I enjoy visiting and photographing historic sites, rock art, and the outdoors in general throughout Utah (and occasionally other states). I’m interested in anything that helps me get outdoors: hiking, camping, off-roading, mountain biking, motorcycling, geocaching.
I use a simple point-and-shoot camera for my photos. While I do certainly try to make the best photos I can, my goal is to document my trips more than anything else, so you’ll often see quantity over quality in most of my photo albums.

Lower Price River (Photo by Alan J. Peterson) Self-Portrait along Luke's Trail

I created a website and started a blog in 1998, and it has existed at many different URLs over that time. Early entries were more of an online diary, while my more recent posts are trip reports from my outdoor pursuits with the occasional post about family matters or whatever else of importance is happening in my life. Many of my earlier entries are asinine, embarrassing, or dull (hey, I was in my early-20s), but I leave them up for posterity.
There are likely many broken links, especially in older posts. However, since Google discontinued support for Picasa Web Albums and embedding remote KMZ files in Google Maps, there are also many broken photo and map links in more recent entries. Sorry ’bout that! I may eventually fix the map links, but the photo links are too numerous to correct.

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  1. Love your photo work Dennis. I live in North Ogden and am an ameture landscape/outdoor photographer, using a Canon EOS 7D.
    I’m a transplant to Utah but find its strategically situated for the outdoor photographer —Hwy 89 and all that, plus the Pacific Northwest, Olympic Peninsula, Oregon Coast, Yosemite, Death Valley and Alberta & BC Canada.

  2. Thanks Mike! I’m just using a Canon point-and-shoot for now, but have been considering getting a low-end SLR lately. I was born and raised in Utah, but it wasn’t until relatively recently that I realized how good I’ve got it here. There’s a little of everything in Utah if you enjoy the outdoors.

  3. Yesterday hiked up to Ernie Benchmark using your track. Have wanted to do that for some time, but didn’t quite know the route. What a canyon, we went down the slot below where you crossed the stream bed at the first place you drop down from the benchmark. Very nice, but not recommended. We did not see the BC panel you mentioned. Can you give me more info? We are discrete rock art fans, and familiar with more sites in the area. Are you interested in sharing info?

    1. I’m glad you found the GPS track useful. I would have liked exploring the several canyons I crossed on the way to the benchmark, but when I did the hike in December the days were a little too short for much exploring. I’ll e-mail you some info about the pictographs. 🙂

  4. Hey Man, great job on the blog! Love the stories and adventures. Inspires me to start something similar for my adventures. I especially enjoy the bits about the rock art and the historical sites, cowboy camps and other relics of their presence. My wife is originally from Huntington so we get down on the swell now and then. I will be definitely using your tracks as a guide in my future adventures!

    1. Yes, my great-grandparents immigrated here (to Utah) from the Netherlands in 1912. I believe you and I corresponded about 15 years ago in regards to my relationship with other Udinks. I’m not sure what your website address is, but I’m familiar with some of your work on the Udink family tree listed on uding.com.

  5. Bonjour Dennis,
    Unconditional french fiftieth anniversaries of the Utah we patrolled a lot in May in the region of Green River. Thanks to you we had additional GPS waypoints and we were so able to discover The Frog which we adored. We shall return certainly in the region to explore still secret places for us as Moonshine and Saucer Basin.

  6. Would you be willing to give coordinates for the coal fire vent near the coal cliffs? I’ve been to the ones in grand staircase but don’t know the one you visited.

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