One Three

The last week was pretty low-key. I finally got out for a couple of nice mountain bike rides, back-to-back on Wednesday evening and again early Thursday morning. I rode the same loop of trails each day, Knot Pete’s Rim, Smo Joe’s, and Luke’s Trail. That loop is a little over five miles, but it’s somewhat technical, and it kicked my butt. Besides some yard work, that’s about all the outdoor activity I’ve done.
Sunday was mine and Traci’s 13th wedding anniversary, but we celebrated it on Saturday by going to Utah County to catch a matinee and dinner. We’ve done the same thing several years in a row, and it’s beginning to not be worth it to me. I won’t even bother going to any of the outdated theaters in Price, and that’s the only reason I’m willing to travel so far to see a movie. However, driving in the traffic up there turns me into a complete asshole. I find myself getting impatient, tailgating slow people and cutting people off. I think next year I’d rather spend my anniversary away from other people. I’ve put up with dinner and a movie for so many years, it shouldn’t be too difficult to talk Traci into a camping trip for at least one of our anniversaries. đŸ™‚
I spent Sunday replacing the motor in the clothes dryer. Just three months ago I had the washing machine torn apart to replace some parts, and last week the dryer crapped out. I took it apart without having any idea what I was doing, but the mechanics of it were much more simple than I was expecting. The most difficult part was cleaning all the lint out of everything before putting the new motor in. I suppose now I can add “Appliance Repairman” to my resume.
Yesterday evening I went to dinner with a couple who are visiting Utah from Germany. I got an e-mail from Chris a few weeks ago, telling me of his upcoming trip and asking some questions about the Coal Wash area. After exchanging several e-mails, he asked if we could meet for a beer somewhere, and I suggested Grogg’s. We had a good time, chatting about our adventures and upcoming plans. It’s been rainy today and I hope his planned ATV trip through Coal Wash didn’t get ruined because of it.

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  1. Dinner and a movie does get pretty old. You may want to try a bed and breakfast down south somewhere (try the Schoolhouse in Torrey). Congrat’s on keeping it going for 13yrs.

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