Moore Area Hiking and Rock Art Hunting

Torrey hunting for rock artI’m not sure what motivated me to do it, but a couple of days ago I drove down near the town of Moore and hiked around looking for some rock art.  I’ve passed through the area several times in the last two months, but always on my way to/from somewhere else.  I made it my destination on Tuesday.  As soon as I got off work I jumped in the truck and drove south, getting to my intended parking spot about an hour later.  I was looking for one particular pictograph panel which I’d only seen closeup photos of.  The only idea I had for a location came from a brief online description saying that it was near near Moore at an “ATV turnaround spot,” which I took to mean a dead-end trail.  I found one location in Google Earth that looked the most logical, and it was in an area I’d wanted to hike anyway.  I ended up hiking 4.5 miles round-trip but didn’t find the pictographs where I thought they’d be.  It was still a worthwhile expedition.
Cowboy's SecretAfter returning to the truck there was still some daylight left.  I drove some more and tried looking for another rock art panel called “Cowboy’s Secret.”  All I had to go on was this photo that shows a little of the background scenery.  It only took me a few minutes in Google Earth to find the rough location based on the photo, and I used that to create a waypoint to follow with my GPS.  As I approached the waypoint, I slowly worked my way through the bouldery terrain looking for the petroglyphs.  I found them, a mere 50 feet from the waypoint I’d guestimated at home on the computer.  I took a lot of photos of the rock art and surrounding area as the sun went down, and returned to the truck before it got too dark to see.  It was satisfying to find the petroglyphs, though even if I’d been unsuccessful it would have been a good evening.

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