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Ascending SheepChris was in Price for the weekend, and yesterday while trying to figure out something fun to do before Traci’s family Christmas party, I thought we should go to the Moore area to try finding the Ascending Sheep pictograph panel that I’d searched for unsuccessfully back in May. After returning home from that trip I looked around more in Google Earth and found another likely spot to find the rock art, and that’s where Chris and I hiked to yesterday. We parked on the Moore Cutoff Road and scrambled up a short, steep hill, and searched the cliffs for rock art on the way to the coordinates where I thought the Ascending Sheep panel might be. As we approached the coordinates, we could see the pictographs right where I’d hoped we’d find them. We took photos there and explored the area for a while, then hiked back to the truck using a different route.
The JugglerAlong the way I spotted what looked like some petroglyphs from a distance, but as we got close we found that they were actually 1″ drill holes in the rock, some of them with the drill cores still inside. Somebody had obviously rappelled down the cliff with a drill, but for what purpose I can’t fathom. Very strange. As we worked our way down through some cliffs bands on the way back to the road, I spotted a faint snake petroglyph from above. We got to the bottom of the cliff band and checked out the petroglyph, which was about two feet long and had a forked tongue. From there it was a muddy scramble back to the truck. I drove a couple of miles farther down the road and we stopped to find one last petroglyph panel before heading home. This panel, called the Juggler, was pretty easy to find based on photos that are available on the web. I had at one point figured the location out fairly precisely using Google Earth and some online photos, but I think I lost the waypoint when my hard drive crashed earlier this year. We went searching for the panel based on my memory of its location, and found it very quickly. That ended a short but productive day of rock art hunting.

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  1. Can you give a hint where the “ascending sheep” is located?
    I will be along the Moore Cutoff road during a trip in May. Thank you.

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