Horse Creek

The road up Horse Creek RidgeLast weekend I wasn’t up for doing anything far from home, so I drove to Horse Creek to check out a road I’ve wanted to drive down for quite some time. The road begins on Emma Park Road, just a short distance east of US Highway 6 at the top of Price Canyon. The headwaters for Horse Creek begin south of Reservation Ridge, and the creek itself is small and perennial. The road forks shortly after leaving the pavement, and I first took the right fork which climbs up a rocky ridge to the west of Horse Creek and ends at a point overlooking Price Canyon. I parked at the end of the road and hiked farther southwest until I had a nice view down Price Canyon. I placed a geocache there, then hiked back to the truck to drive down the ridge and check out the other fork in the road.
Small falls in Horse CreekThe left fork descended into the canyon of Horse Creek. I stopped at a wide spot in the road and hiked to some small waterfalls that I’d spotted from the ridge above. The creek was running well, but I would imagine that the snow melting in the higher elevations won’t last long and the creek will dry up during the summer. After returning to the truck, I attempted to drive farther down the canyon. I didn’t get far before running into some muddy spots where the road is cut across a hillside. The truck was sliding sideways toward the edge of the road, and I wasn’t comfortable trying to proceed farther. I backed up to the wide spot where I’d parked earlier, where I was able to turn around and retreat. The road was even too muddy to continue on foot, so I resolved to return another day, possibly with my 4-wheeler, to get to the bottom of the canyon where Horse Creek empties into the Price River.

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