It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here. I’ve been meaning to, and even started typing something a couple of times, but nothing came out. With Traci still recovering from her surgery, things have been pretty laid back at home. I did manage to get out for a 4-wheeler ride two weekends ago in the Mounds/Price River area, but for some reason it wasn’t much fun and I kept looking for an excuse to turn around and head home. I eventually came upon a steep downhill section with a ledge across the trail that reminded me a lot of the drop I lost my previous ATV on, and that was a good enough excuse for me. I may go back to that place someday to see if the trail connects to another trail I was trying to get to, but not without somebody with me to keep me out of trouble. The following day I did some hiking/geocaching with the kids up Coal Creek in the Book Cliffs and had more fun there than I’d had on my ATV the day before. It helped redeem the weekend and make things a little less dull.
This past weekend was pretty nice. As soon as I got off work on Friday, the family loaded up into the truck and we drove out to the Wedge to place some geocaches. I already had several places in mind where I’d already been before, so we made quick work of the first four caches that we placed, all of them being just off a dirt road somewhere within five miles of where we’re planning on camping next weekend. After placing those four, we parked at campsite #6 at the Wedge and started a campfire and ate a dinner consisting of ham, turkey, and cheese wraps. Sam and Mark and their kids joined us right as we finished up dinner, then Mark and I headed off in the dark to place the fifth and final geocache of the evening. It’s supposed to be a night cache, meaning that it can only be found at night by using a flashlight to follow a trail of reflectors placed in trees. It took us more than two hours to place all the reflectors, and we only covered a quarter of a mile. It felt like a fruitful day, and hopefully everyone who comes to the geocaching event this weekend enjoys the caches.
I spent Saturday at the North Spring shooting range with Jorge, Joe, Ty, and Brent. It’s been years since I saw most of them, and it was a lot of fun just hanging out like in old times. After shooting for several hours, I departed early to go find a couple of geocaches nearby. One was at Star Point on Gentry Mountain, and the dirt road going up there was insanely steep. It was opening weekend of the deer hunt, and I’m lucky that I didn’t run into any opposing traffic on the road since it’s narrow enough in most places to necessitate somebody having to back up. I needed 4-low to get up and down, but it was worth it just to say I’d done it. On Sunday, I did a bit of packing for the camping trip this week. I also cut and gathered some firewood, and now my arms are extremely sore from trying to start my damned chainsaw and from swinging an axe to split some of the wood. I did some more getting ready for the camping trip this evening, and tomorrow will be my last day to get ready because I’m leaving as soon as I get off work on Wednesday. I have Thursday through Monday off, and I plan on enjoying every second of it.

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