Fall at the Wedge

What a weekend! I managed to pull out of town with the camp trailer in tow shortly after work on Wednesday and arrived at campsite #6 at the Wedge just over an hour later. I set up camp and stayed there the entire evening. I grilled up some dinner and sat around a campfire for a while, then went to bed early. The next morning I set out on my ATV to find some geocaches in Buckhorn Wash. The first two took me a long time to find, but the third was pretty easy. After returning to camp for some lunch, I went for another ride closer to camp. Shortly after I got back Traci showed up with the kids, then the Hunts arrived a little after dark. We spent the evening enjoying each other’s company around the campfire.
The next morning after breakfast, Cortney, Cody, and I set out on our ATVs and found some geocaches. Actually, they found them and I just tagged along since I either placed them or had already found them. When we got back to camp, Utah Jean was there, and later in the evening a few others showed up and completed the usual lineup of suspects who normally show up at these events.
On Saturday, the only thing I had planned for the event was a hike during the day and a potluck dinner in the evening. Chris was the only one who wanted to hike with me, and we set out for my geocache Tip O’ the Wedge. Mark and I placed that cache almost four years ago and at that time I’d thought it was as far as one could proceed toward the southeastern tip of the Wedge without climbing gear. This time Chris and I made it another quarter of a mile closer as the crow flies, but all of the scrambling and dead-ends added 1.4 miles to the round-trip hiking distance just to get that quarter-mile closer. The only thing that stopped us from going farther was my fear of downclimbing some sketchy sections. Chris had climbed up some ledges that, once at the top, probably would have allowed us to go another half a mile or more closer to the tip. I just didn’t dare to go up because coming down would have been tricky for me. We’ve decided to go back later with some rope to help with the downclimbs, and we’ll see if we can push it even farther.
We got back to camp just in time to start getting food ready for the potluck. Several other people showed up for the potluck, and we had fun visiting while everybody prepared their dishes. While we did so, the weather got windy and eventually it started raining, and by the time we were ready to eat it was coming down hard. We ended up serving out of my trailer, and at one point we had 20 people in there dishing up their meals. Quite a few stayed in there to eat while some others went to their trailers or vehicles to eat. It was fun and quite amusing, but it wasn’t the first time we’d done something similar during an outdoor potluck. After finishing dinner the weather cleared up, though it got quite cold and the rain froze on everything. We threw a lot of wood on the fire and tried to make the best of the weather, and it turned out to be a great evening.
The next morning Traci and I slept in until after 10:00, and after breakfast everybody slowly started getting ready to head home. I was the last one to leave, though it was still early enough in the day that I had time to stop in Lawrence to find a new geocache. After hitting the RV dump and heading home, Traci and I unloaded the fridge and a few essentials from the trailer and we relaxed the rest of the evening. I took today off work so I could finish unloading the trailer, but I didn’t actually do much of anything today. It was nice to relax after a long, fun, and busy weekend. I uploaded some photos here, though once again I was often too busy having fun to get the camera out. 🙂

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