Flat TireI had a good start to my weekend. Yesterday after work, I took off to find a couple of geocaches close to home. I found the first one atop a cliff overlooking the golf course, and on my way to the second one in south Price, I cut a sidewall on one of the truck tires. I was on a dirt road within 0.16 miles of the cache and was turning the truck around in order to park it off the road, and I ran over a metal fence post that was broken off about six inches from the ground. There was a huge *whoosh* and a big cloud of dust when the air rushed out, and it left a two-inch tear in the sidewall. I changed the tire, then parked off the road and walked to the cache. When I got back to the truck I noticed that the spare tire wasn’t holding much air, but I drove on it anyway to the nearest gas station and aired it up. This morning I went to Grako’s to get a replacement tire, and it ended up costing about $225. I only paid $175 apiece for those tires originally, but this time I didn’t have the time to order a new one online and wait for it to arrive while I drove around on my crappy spare tire.
My plans for a hike in Tie Fork Canyon this morning were scrapped so I could get a new tire, but I may be able to do the hike tomorrow instead. The Hunts are going to be in the Potter’s Ponds area scoping out a campsite for the geocaching event that’s coming up in a couple of weeks, and I’m planning on meeting them and doing some caching and possibly some fishing. If I have time, and if the kids are up for it, I’ll stop on my way home and do the hike in Tie Fork.

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