Keep Fishin'

Despite the weekend getting off to a bad start, I finished it up with a really good day on Sunday. The kids and I headed up to Potter’s Ponds in the morning where we were planning on meeting the Hunt family. We got there pretty early and did some fishing, though I spent more time helping them cast into the water and keeping their lines away from logs, rocks, and weeds. I probably only threw my line out into the water about ten times, and though I could see a few albino trout hanging around the deeper water, they didn’t want what I was trying to feed them. After getting bored of fishing, we ate lunch at a picnic table near the ponds, then the boys just played around for a while we waited for the Hunts. They showed up shortly after we finished lunch, then we drove around while they checked out the campsites. They’re planning on coming up for the big shindig in a couple of weeks and wanted to scope the area out. After deciding that the spot I’d already reserved would work for both families with plenty of room to spare, we headed north along Miller Flat Road and found a lot of geocaches. Once we hit UT-31 we turned west and kept caching along the highway, and I found my 900th geocache along the way. It was getting late when we reached the Eccles Canyon/Skyline Drive turnoff, so we parted ways and went down our respective sides of the mountain toward our homes. As I drove past Cleveland Reservoir I figured that I had a little more daylight left for fishing, so I flipped a u-turn and took a steep dirt road down to the water’s edge. This time I let the kids play along the shore while I fished, but I still didn’t have any luck. Although I didn’t catch anything, it was a peaceful end to a good day.

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