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I had an awesome weekend, and I’m just now beginning to wind down from it. I only worked about half a day on Friday, and as soon as I got off we jumped in the truck and hauled the trailer down to the Hunts’ place in Sigurd. I was very nervous about pulling the trailer over Salina Canyon, and although it wasn’t as bad as I expected, there were times when I was only doing 35 MPH up one side, and I got a bit of sway going down the other side that really freaked me out. The truck burned nearly a full tank of diesel by the time we got to Salina, so I stopped there to fill up. I figured my fuel mileage and I only got about 8 MPG.
CampWe got to Sigurd and hung out at the Hunts’ while they finished getting ready to go, then we convoyed south on Highway 24 toward where we were going to camp on Monroe Mountain. It wasn’t a terribly long (distance-wise) drive on the dirt road east from Greenwich, but it was pretty steep and winding. We found a very nice spot to camp between the lower and upper Box Creek reservoirs. After setting up camp, we tooled around on the ATVs, sat around the campfire, and just enjoyed the evening.
ElkOn Saturday, all nine of us (plus four dogs) piled into the Hunts’ Dodge truck and took a tour of the mountain while finding several geocaches. We saw a ton of wildlife, including several deer and a few bull elk. That afternoon we went for a 25-mile ATV ride, then went fishing in the evening (without catching anything). Chris showed up while we were fishing, and we went back to camp where Cort cooked us up a nice dutch oven dinner. We spent some more time around the campfire, and as per usual Chris and I were the last ones to turn in well after midnight.
The kids in the Kenney MineSunday was much the same as Saturday, with another 25 miles on the ATVs and some geocaching, then some fishing. It was later than I’d planned by the time we started loading up to go home, but I was having too much fun to care. It was after 7:00PM when we left camp, then we followed the Hunts back to their house where we spent quite a bit of time talking and saying our goodbyes. I fueled up in Salina again and this time averaged 8.9 MPG in the truck. We didn’t get back on the highway until after 10:00PM, and finally pulled into the driveway at midnight.
I still haven’t taken the trailer to the RV dump, and we just barely got the fridge emptied out today. I’ll probably unload the ATVs tomorrow then back the trailer into the driveway so that I can actually drive the truck again. It won’t be long before we’re loading everything back up and heading to Potter’s Ponds for the annual geocaching bash there, and I’m really looking forward to it this year. It also looks like we’ll be going to Richfield for another geocaching event in September, and I’m sure we’ll go camping at least a couple other times after then, so it’s going to be a busy fall.

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