Old Sweat and Lies

I’ve been keeping busy doing little odds and ends over the past couple of weeks, though it’s been a pretty uneventful time. I enjoyed the 4th of July weekend. We had a barbecue at my mom’s, then went to the hill at Westridge to watch the fireworks at the fairgrounds (which were nearly outshined by a lightning storm over the Wasatch Plateau), then went to my sister’s house and set off our own fireworks. I spent Sunday doing some yard work, and now I have a wife beater sunburn.
I put the old camp trailer up for sale almost a week ago, and I’ve gotten several phone calls and a few e-mails about it. Hopefully it sells soon, since we put quite a bit of cash down on the new trailer and it would be nice to put that money back into our savings. I dropped the new trailer off at Tony Basso RV & ATV yesterday evening just before closing, and picked it up today after work, and it’s now five inches taller. I had them “flip” the axles, which is really just welding new spring perches onto the tops of the axles and then mounting them to the bottoms of the leaf springs rather than the tops. To accommodate the newly lifted trailer, I had to turn the 2″-drop ball mount upside down and remount the hitch ball (which still isn’t quite tall enough), and I also spent quite a bit of time over the past two evenings making blocks out of scrap plywood to go under all five trailer jacks.
Tomorrow after work I’ll be hauling the trailer to Huntington Canyon for Traci’s family reunion, though I won’t be staying. Sitting in the 95° heat doesn’t appeal to me, so I’ll probably stay home alone most of the weekend, with perhaps a relatively short ATV ride early one morning. It kind of sucks not being there for the “maiden voyage,” but their idea of “camping” and mine don’t mesh. I can’t wait until I can load the ATVs into the trailer and take it out into either the mountains or the desert for some real fun. I could easily live for a week or more in there, which I may actually attempt this fall when I can start using up all the vacation time I’ve saved up.

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