I Alone

I had a decent day, for a weekday. After work I hauled the camp trailer up Huntington Canyon to the Rocky Mountain Power employee’s campground in Huntington Canyon, where Traci and the boys will be staying until Sunday. The truck actually couldn’t do the speed limit on a few of the hills between Price and Huntington, so the trailer must be a lot heavier than our old one. It’s a bit more difficult to set up than our old one too, mostly due to its height off the ground. After backing it into a slightly sloped spot and cranking the jacks down, I wasn’t satisfied with it–it was just too wobbly. I moved the trailer to a more level spot, but it was still kinda wobbly there, though not quite as bad as the first place.
I had some problems with the truck while trying to back the trailer into its spot. The engine lugged and nearly stalled each time I put the transmission in reverse and hit the throttle, though it would perk up if I let it idle in reverse for several seconds before getting into the throttle. I’ve had this happen before on several occasions, but only after towing something heavy during the heat of summer. I think it may be time to get the transmission flushed and filled and have the filter changed. I had the same service done on my car about four years ago when the transmission began slipping, and I haven’t had any problems with it since.
After getting the trailer and my family settled down, I headed into the Swell and found a new geocache on Cedar Mountain. The bugs were bad there–lots of little flying critters, though thankfully no biting bugs–but it was a nice place to enjoy the late evening. On my way home, I stopped in Cleveland and replaced a geocache for a friend. I got home pretty late and didn’t eat dinner until about 9:30 PM, and I’m just about to hit the hay. G’night. 🙂

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