Last Sunday I spent the day driving from Joe’s Valley to Huntington Canyon along Miller Flat Road, and geocaching the entire way. There are a lot of easy caches just off the road, probably due mostly in part to the annual geocaching get-together each August that draws people from all over the state. There was only one cache that I had to do some real hiking to get to, and it’s one of the oldest caches in Emery County. I’d attempted to get there once before, but there’s a lot of bushwhacking involved in getting there and a lot of elevation gain over a very short distance, and at that time I just wasn’t up to it and so I decided to save it for another day. It wasn’t terribly hot up there last weekend, but it was pretty humid and I was just dripping sweat before I even got halfway to the cache. There was a nice view of Upper Joe’s Valley from up there, and it felt like a minor accomplishment finally making it to the cache.
I’ve been feeling so lazy the past week that I didn’t get around to backing the trailer into the driveway until Friday, and it wasn’t until today that I finally logged those caches (10 of them) from last weekend. I haven’t done anything outdoors all weekend, in part due to the heat (it’s been reaching nearly 100° every day) and also because I’m saving the fuel left in the truck for what will hopefully materialize into a camping/ATVing trip next weekend, though I don’t have any solid plans for that yet.

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