I’ve had my new camp trailer parked at my in-laws’ house for the past two weeks not just because I don’t have room for both the old and new trailers in my driveway, but also because I’ve been dreading backing the new trailer into the drive. I’ve spent this time fixing up the old trailer–installing new linoleum and carpet, adjusting all the doors so they open and close without sticking, tightening loose screws, fixing screens, etc.–in order to sell it. I finally got it all finished this week and then swapped trailers. I took the new trailer to an empty parking lot for a few practice runs first, though it didn’t make me any more confident that I’d be able get it parked at home. I built a ramp out of 2×10″ lumber to lay over the curb so that I could cut the corner of the driveway a bit as I backed it in, and it turned out to be exactly what I needed. I managed to get it backed in in one shot, and it’s really nice to have it parked at home now. Traci and I still need to get all our camping gear stowed in the new trailer, and I need to put in a new battery, change the oil in the generator, and make sure all the appliances run on both gas and electric. I also have an appointment to get the axles flipped soon, which will give the trailer some much needed ground clearance so we can take it off the beaten path. We won’t get a chance to load up the ATVs and go camping for a couple of weeks, though I’m half-tempted to sleep in the driveway just to get a feel for our new home away from home. 🙂

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