I managed to get out for a short ATV ride yesterday with the boys. I was on Traci’s machine (still don’t have mine back from the dealer), so Torrey had to run alongside for the entire six miles. I did the Farnham Dome loop in the reverse of what I’d done the last time I was there, and it took just under an hour. I wasn’t certain how the ATV would handle because there were a couple of inches of snow on the ground. I thought I’d need 4WD, but the snow was powdery and dry and the rear tires didn’t slip much in it. I used 4WD going up one steep hill, though I’m not sure I really needed it. I just didn’t want to lose my forward momentum and have to let off the gas and shift in the middle of a hill climb.
I’m looking forward to Christmas being over this year. Traci and I put everything off until the last minute, so now we’re scurrying to get all our gifts wrapped and get the house cleaned. It’s not so much Christmas itself that I want to be over, but it will be nice to have few responsibilities when it’s all done with.

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