So Denied

Rather than sticking to my plans for my days off this week, I spent most of yesterday being sick. Since Christmas shopping took priority over going for a 4-wheeler ride, I did a little shopping late yesterday evening and quite a bit more today. I’m glad to have finished most of my shopping, though the weekend is going to be a downer because it doesn’t look as though I’ll be getting my outdoors fix. I’m still looking forward to that ATV ride in the San Rafael Desert, but it’ll have to wait until after Christmas. In all honesty, I’m more inclined to go for a hike. Perhaps I can sneak one in tomorrow during…er…before Traci’s family Christmas party.

1 thought on “So Denied

  1. Best of luck with that. If you figure out a full proof way to replace spending time with the in-laws with hiking please feel free to post it.

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