Pane in the…

When I was about five years old I broke a window in my grandma’s front storm door. I was trying to keep my sister from tattling on me–I forget what for–and I was running and slammed my hands into the door to prevent her from opening it and going inside to tell on me. My hands went through the glass and I got a big cut on my left forearm, where I still have a nice 2½-inch-long scar. I don’t recall ever getting into trouble for breaking that glass. Today, Michael broke one of the windows in his bedroom, and I surprisingly found myself not angry in the slightest. It’s strange how, as a parent, I can get angry about the most minor things, but when the shit really hits the fan it turns out to be a non-issue.
I got my ATV back from Carbon Emery Motorsports today, and I’m really unimpressed with their service to date. They had it for about a week the first time they attempted to fix the front differential oil seal, but upon receiving the “fixed” machine and riding it less than four miles, I found that it was again leaking out of the new seal. This latest time they had it for nearly three weeks and they admitted to me that they had a difficult time installing the new oil seal properly. When I went to pick it up, the guy who helped me load my ATV into my truck said that they weren’t sure the new seal would hold, and that somebody had extensively test-driven it several miles in order to ensure that it wasn’t leaking. The weather was so cold today that I’m not sure any gear oil would have leaked in its thickened state, so I suppose I’ll find out on my next long ride whether or not it’s been fixed correctly. And no, I don’t think the donuts I did in my back yard today would have warmed up the gear oil enough to detect any leaks, but at least I can say that I had some fun on my ATV in the snow.

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