I did end up taking the kids hiking in Red Canyon yesterday after all. We hiked 3.6 miles round trip, which is the farthest either of the boys has ever hiked in a day. We went up the right fork of the canyon, and the canyon bottom was sandy and flat, which made for an easy hike, albeit an uninteresting one. There were a few places where we left the sandy bottom and climbed around on boulders or hills, just to keep the kids from getting bored. Just above where the canyon forks is the wilderness study area boundary, and there were a lot of tire tracks leading right past the WSA sign. I probably could have driven my car that far, but I can drive anywhere. Hiking is a lot more fun for me. 🙂
Last weekend in the Swell, I saw a few other vehicles and two camp trailers. This weekend, I saw a lot more vehicles, several camp trailers and tents, and even some mountain bikers along the Mexican Mountain road. It’s getting to be the perfect weather to be in the desert, and people are really starting to take advantage of it. DesertWoodrat made a mention of “the crazy Easter weekend” coming up, and Traci and I have been talking about what to do this Easter. Last year’s trip into the Swell on Easter weekend was a lot of fun, though there were an awful lot of people, and I think we’re going to avoid the area on that weekend. Perhaps we’ll stay at home and do traditional holiday activities–like eating candy.

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