Eight-Wheel Drive

I spent this afternoon spending money that I don’t have. I bought a matching pair of 2008 Honda Rancher 4×4 ATVs. They’re actually not identical–Traci got the ES model (electric shift), and I got the manual shift. I haven’t driven mine much except to load and unload it from the truck, plus I ran a couple of laps around the back yard. We’re gonna buy some helmets tomorrow, and this weekend we should be ready for a little bit of riding. We’ll probably stick close to home this weekend, but I’m sure it won’t be long before we go way off the beaten path. There a lot of places that I’ve wanted to go but just couldn’t get there in my beast of a truck, but now those places are within easy reach. All I need to do now is figure out how to carry my dog with me on the ATV.

1 thought on “Eight-Wheel Drive

  1. Niiiiiiiiiice! Man, I’m envious. I’ve been wanting to get an ATV or two since my boss took me riding out near 5 Mile Pass this past October. I even set up an “ATV Fund” at my bank, but the feeble amount of money that gets deposited into it is nowhere near what I’d need to buy a good quality machine. Oh well…. wishful thinking, right?
    You’ll have so much fun on those things going to new places in the State, I’m sure of that!
    So, my sentiments are as Napoleon Dynamite would say…… “LUCKY!”

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