Today was a nice day to work outside. Rather than the cooler temps and cloudiness that was forecast, it was warm and sunny. It was only supposed to get into the lower 40s, but my thermometer read a high of 52°. I cleared all the snow from in front of the storage shed attached to the garage so that I could fully open the doors, then I cleared the shed floor of all the clutter that’s been gathering there for the past year. I also cleared most of the snow from the driveway in front of the camp trailer, then pulled the trailer forward about 30′. Hopefully that will be enough to melt all the snow that the trailer has been shading.
It’s almost 9:00pm, and I still haven’t decided whether or not I’m going to take the kids hiking tomorrow. Getting me, the kids, and the dog ready for a hike, and all without any help, is kind of a pain.

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