Situation Normal

All this week I had been considering going on a trip into the Swell (specifically, Red Canyon again) on Saturday (tomorrow), but the weather forecast has gone from good to bad over the past few days. There’s now a chance of rain/snow, and while the chance isn’t great, the potential consequences of getting my car stuck in the mud could be disastrous. Instead, I’ll stay home and clear the snow out of my driveway where the sun still doesn’t reach. I’ve got over a foot of snow in front of my camp trailer, and I’d like to get rid of it because I may need to move that trailer next week. I might end up going to Red Canyon on Sunday instead, but I’d have to bring the kids since Traci will be at church during the middle of the day. Sunday’s weather is supposed to be warmer and clear, so if Saturday is dry enough, I may just be able to do some hiking this weekend.

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