Well, the last week or so I’ve done a bit of fixing little odds and ends around the house, and a lot of dog training. Torrey is still not 100% house trained, but she’s probably still doing better than my almost-4-year-old son. 😀 When I brought her home from the animal shelter, I learned within two minutes of driving away that she gets car sick pretty badly. She drools excessively and usually vomits, among other things. I’ve spent some time each day for the past week trying to get her used to riding in the truck. At first I just tried going for a drive with her, but that always ended badly. Then I started over much more slowly, beginning with just sitting in the truck while it was parked in the driveway. I think today we might even get so far as to drive around the block. I’m hoping that by this weekend she’ll be ready for a short trip out of town and a little hike.

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