Deader Alive

I’d planned on doing a lot of geocaching this evening on my way home from the veterinarian in Payson (getting Torrey’s second batch of shots), but a friend from South Jordan was in Price so I hurried home from the vet to have dinner at Grogg’s instead. Dinner with friends trumps geocaching anyday.
Tomorrow is Traci’s birthday, so we’re going out to dinner again and a movie afterwards. Saturday is Bradley’s birthday party (he turns 4 on Tuesday), and Sunday is Father’s Day, so it’s undoubtedly going to be a busy yet unproductive weekend. I’m thinking about going for a drive on Sunday–there’s this rock sitting out in the desert somewhere, and if I find it I’ll win a 200′ canyoneering rope worth about $140. It’d definitely be worth the fuel I burn getting there, and I’m very confident that I’ve figured out the GPS coordinates to within 200′ or so of the exact spot. But then if I get the rope, I’ll have to buy a harness, carabiners, webbing, a descender, and a few other miscellaneous items so that I can actually use the rope. 😉 I’m sure Traci won’t mind if I take up a new hobby…

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