Here doggie.

TorreyI adopted a Brittany Spaniel from the animal shelter in Payson today. Traci and I have been looking for a dog ever since we found and briefly cared for somebody else’s lost Brittany last month. I checked every so often, hoping to see a Brit up for adoption somewhere, and this Monday evening I found one in Payson. Traci and I drove up there the next day to see her, and we decided very quickly after seeing her that we wanted to take her in. We paid the adoption fee at that time (which included spaying and vaccinations), but had to leave her there until today so they could spay her. We’ve got her home now, and it’s obvious that a lot of things are going to change around here because of her. We spent the last couple of days trying to decide on a name, and we finally settled on the name Torrey.

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  1. I hope you have better luck with the dog then Ty and I have been having with ours. She has 5000 square feet to run and play and all she is interested in is jumping the fence. I have seen her jump in several times and I think she could still easily clear a 6 foot fence. She chews up and destroys everything but she is good with Brenden. If anything comes out of it Ty ought to be in shape he walks that dog 2 to 3 miles and he comes home dead but the dog is still hyper as hell. Wish you tons of luck, she is really pretty.

  2. Well, almost 6 months ago I adopted a Siamese cat from the local shelter, and he’s been the best cat I’ve ever had. Only had a couple small issues with him, but otherwise he’s awesome. I’ll never get a stray again, I’ll tell you that much.

  3. Wow, Traci and Dennis, I finally had time to go through your Behind the Reef pics. Amazing! Good job! And, you saw antelope and horses and a very large snake???? What’s the story with the snake? We’ve never seen a snake down there. Weren’t we talking about that with you when we were camping? So, right after we left, you guys ran into a MONSTER snake??? Please send the story. What kind of snake? Where were you? Did you get a big surprise?
    Congrats on the dog. Looks like a cutie. We sure had fun with you guys. Wish we could go again right now!

  4. We saw the snake as we were leaving camp, it was just slowly slithering across the road in Temple Wash right near where we camped for the event. I just stopped the truck to take a couple of pictures, and it coiled up and hissed at me a little bit. It was just a gopher snake, so not poisonous but still able to bite. I just left it there all coiled up and tried not to run it over as I drove away. We saw a couple of other snakes like that one while we were riding the ATV after you guys left. One was dead on the road and the other was crawling across the road. I’ve never seen snakes before until last year when I saw a baby gopher snake near Wellington, and now I’ve seen a bunch in the Swell this year. It must have been a good winter for them and their prey.
    We sure had a lot of fun with you and the Lees, and we can’t wait ’til fall when it cools down enough to start camping in the Swell again. đŸ™‚

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