Mushrooms in Bob Wright CanyonIt’s hot…supposed to get up to 99° F tomorrow. We (my family and my sister’s family) escaped a bit of the heat today by going for a drive to Bob Wright Canyon. The elevation is only 7,600′ there, but that’s still 2,000′ higher than here, and it was noticeably cooler. The humidity didn’t help, though. We placed a cache up there, and I was just dripping sweat when we got back to the trucks. If the stream running through the canyon would have been any deeper, I might have jumped in.
The hill at WestridgeAfter getting back to Price, Traci and I ditched the kids and placed a couple more caches. I had several places in mind, but a couple of them didn’t work out, at least not for the size of container I was trying to hide. I wanted to make up for all the micro caches around town, so I’ve started placing regular sized caches within the city limits. I’ve still got one more left to place, but it’s going to take some time and ingenuity to get it done.
We’ve got a big camping trip coming up in a couple of weeks. We’re planning on six days and five nights at Fish Lake, but I’ve got some work to do before we can go. The truck may need new rear brakes, and it’s also leaking oil (I think from the rear-main engine seal), but I’m not sure if either if those is absolutely critical. The brakes are my main concern, so I’ll probably be pulling the drums tomorrow to check them out. As for the rear-main seal, I don’t even wanna think about how much it’ll cost to replace that. The part itself is dirt-cheap (probably under $20), but labor costs for removing the transmission won’t be pretty.

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