Keep it like the kaiser

It’s been a crazy weekend! Long story short, Mike and I found 50 geocaches in and around West Valley City within a 24-hour period.
I worked in the office on Friday, so I woke up at 6:00 am, found one geocache on the way to Provo, then worked eight hours in the office. After getting off work, I drove up to WVC and hung out for a bit, and when Mike’s wife got home at about 6:30 pm, we headed out. 27 caches and 11 hours later, we returned to his house and caught a quick six hours of sleep. Then it was back on the road, and the caching was much better up near the airport–we found 23 caches in seven hours.
I’m hoping that it’s not too difficult to get back to a normal eating and sleeping schedule. So far I’ve only eaten five meals in the last three days, and one of those consisted of merely a single PB&J sandwich and some salt and vinegar chips. I managed to get eight hours of sleep last night, though it started and ended about three hours later than normal, but I think I can cope.

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