Lightning at Starvation ReservoirOur camping trip this weekend was brief, but it was a lot of fun. I wasn’t in the mood for water skiing, but I did end up driving John’s boat several times while he skied. I’d never driven a boat before, and I wasn’t quite comfortable doing it, but it was a little fun. We got rained out Friday night–right after I lit the campfire, the wind and lightning picked up and it started raining. We ended up just putting the fire out and hunkering down for the night a little earlier than we’d planned. Saturday morning we headed out on the water and found a couple of geocaches that were near the shoreline. After lunch and some more skiing and pulling the kids around on a tube, we broke camp and headed home. I found a few geocaches on the drive home, and got soaked in the process. It was pouring in Indian Canyon where two of the caches were, and it rained again in Price when I stopped at the RV dump.
It was nice having all day Sunday to unwind, and I’ve got tomorrow and Wednesday off work. Traci is taking the kids to her family reunion Thursday through Sunday, and I’ll be finishing the drywall work in the upstairs bathroom then. And I’m sure I’ll squeeze a little geocaching in while I’m at it. 🙂
I dug up some old pictures that I’d forgotten about, most of them were taken in the late ’90s, but a few were worth scanning and uploading to my site. They weren’t of the best quality to begin with, and scanning them in didn’t help any, but here they are.

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