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Friday when I got off work, Traci and I loaded the kids up in the car and headed to Provo. We’d planned on doing some geocaching with her brother’s family that night, then seeing a movie the next day. On the way up, I got pulled over for doing 89 in a 65. It was in that wide, long passing lane just past the Scofield turnoff, and there was a truck pulling a boat that I wanted to get around before the passing lane ended, so I gunned it. I didn’t even see the UHP trooper heading in the opposite direction until it was too late. I saw his brake lights come on in my rear view mirror, and I was almost completely stopped on the shoulder before he completed his u-turn. It was strange having to tell a cop that I was carrying. He just asked me where it was, I told him it was on my right hip, and he just said, “Thanks” and carried on like it was an everyday occurrence (which it probably is for him). He only wrote me up for doing 80, so that saved me $125. This is my first ticket in four years, and I intend to make it my last for at least the next four.
Anyway, we got to Provo, ate some dinner, then headed out for some caching. We found a few while the kids tagged along, then it got dark and we took the kids home while Jaysen and I went out and found some more. We got 15 total for the night, and stayed out until 2:00 am. The next morning, Traci and I went to a matinee of Pirates. After that, we picked up the kids and headed home. We all had a good time, but now that we’re back home we’ve got a lot of work to do to prepare for our upcoming camping trip.

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