I’m now wondering about how wise it was to buy a truck with a diesel engine. Diesel fuel is $3.25/gallon right now, though I get about 19 MPG in my truck. Regular unleaded is $2.80/gallon, but most big gas engines would only get 10 or so MPG, so I’m probably better off. Fuel prices have curtailed my driving plans for the forseeable future, so I’m stuck trying to figure out where to go camping close to Price for this weekend. Something near the dinosaur quarry would work, but that’s still more money than I’d rather spend for a weekend outing.
Man, Sanpete County sure has spruced up their website. They sure have a lot of nice pictures on there. Almost makes me want to visit the area.
You probably wouldn’t expect the senior citizen across the street to be the one blasting music at the entire neighborhood, but Old Man Arno is doing just that. It’s funny, this old guy who lives across the street from me has a big speaker out on his front porch, and for the past couple of months he’s been playing Johnny Cash and Hank Williams over it. I don’t even know if he realizes that everyone else within half a block can hear his music, but it amuses me either way.

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  1. I have to agree, rising gas prices are effecting everyone, and it fuckin’ sucks. I just bought that new car (as you know) and though it gets 24/29 city/highway mpg, putting $20 in still only gives 1/2 tank, because regular unleaded here is the same as diesel is there. I wish we could get back to the $2.89 days, and when we were there I was complaining still. There has to be something that can be done. I guess I should have bought a bicycle instead of a car. 🙁

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