Right in Two

It looks like I’ll be staying home this weekend, rather than going camping. I’m not sure what I’m going to be doing, but it probably won’t be any fun. I’ve just been moving so much lately, I needed a chance to sit still for a weekend. I’ll probably still go do something either Saturday or Sunday, but the rest of the time I’ll probably spend at home. I’d love to go back to the Mussentuchit area, but that’s a long drive for just me and the kids. Traci will be out playing all weekend, so it’s just us boys.
So, I bought the new Tool album on Tuesday, and something funny happened. I brought it home and ripped it directly to MP3s, ’cause I do most of my listening on my computer, but when I got to track 10, the MP3 was messed up. I tried ripping it again, but Windows Media Player froze up at 21% on that track. I tried playing the CD directly, and it skipped at the same place as the MP3 did. I just figured I got a defective disc, so I took it back to Kmart (apparently Mad Platter has closed down, like so many other independent businesses in town). I exchanged it for a new CD, but when I got it home it did the same thing in the exact same place as on the other CD. Apparently, the CD just doesn’t like my CD drive (the Samsumg CDRW/DVD in my Dell). It plays just fine in my car and in my other computer. I ended up ripping the MP3s on my other computer and copying them over to this one. I don’t feel bad about taking a good CD back to Kmart, ’cause I still consider it to be defective.

2 thoughts on “Right in Two

  1. Yeah, it’s definitely strange listening to those lyrics. It seems more about his mother’s faith than his own, but I never try to read too much into Tool’s lyrics. Honestly, most of the time they’re way over my head anyway. 🙂
    I hadn’t heard of those guys, but I did just listen to a few of their songs on Amazon.com. They have a sort of 90s vibe, but don’t really sound like my type…

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