Ghost Town

It’s taken me a long time to catch up to everyday life after being gone from home for so long. Upon beginning work again on Wednesday, I learned that my team had lunch and a movie planned for Friday, so I decided it would be best to attend, since I don’t get to see my co-workers very often. Yesterday morning, Traci and I loaded the kids up in the car and drove to Lehi where I dropped everybody off at Traci’s friend’s house, then I spent the rest of the day at work. After work and our pizza and movie, I drove back to Lehi where we found 10 geocaches, all of which were micro caches. We ate dinner at Arctic Circle, got fuel at Wal-Mart in Springville, then drove back home in the dark.
Today, I found two new geocaches with my sister and her family. We got first-to-find on one, but somebody beat us to the second one. My sister did some cache maintenance on her Dinosaur Footprint cache, and I had to replace the container on my Buckhorn Wash cache because the old one got destroyed on Easter weekend. It was a damned good time today, but I neglected the other duties that I should have been doing. I now need to hook up my swamp cooler tomorrow, mow and water the lawn, and fix a broken door handle in my truck, among a few other minor things. I’ve been too busy having fun lately that all these mundane things are taking the back burner.
I plan on buying a CD next week for the first time in five years. The last albums I paid for were Weezer’s green album and Tool’s Lateralus. 10,000 Days comes out on Tuesday, and I’ll be at Mad Platter that morning to buy it. I think Tool is the only band who I can currently justify spending money on, unless Sublime resurrects their lead singer and releases a new album. So, it’s pretty much Tool for now. 🙂

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