Moonshine Wash – The Narrows

Traci at the beginning of the narrowsYesterday’s hike was just amazing. Traci and I have never done anything together that was even remotely similar to this, and it was really one of the most fun things we’ve done in a very long time. Now that I’ve had a small taste of what slot canyons are like, I’d like to try something even more difficult. Traci’s not so sure she wants me to do that, though. I’ve already got plans to buy a real climbing rope, ’cause we’re planning on going back to Moonshine Wash next year, and we’re going to bring Michael with us then. There were several kids there yesterday, but none quite as young as him. I’m sure we can have him ready for a hike like this in another year.
Me in Moonshine WashThere were over 25 people who showed up for the hike, and it was a pretty diverse group. There were four people who flew in from California for it, one guy from Colorado, and another guy who drove his Jeep here from New Mexico. Most everyone else was from northern or central Utah. The hike started out easy and relaxed, but soon got really exciting. It only took us about 20 minutes to reach the narrows of Moonshine Wash, and shortly after that we made it to the first big obstacle, which was about a 10′ drop. After that, the big drops and tight squeezes just kept coming, and it was almost non-stop action for a couple of hours. It was pretty challenging for most people to pass each obstacle, but it seemed like I was able to get past each one within a few seconds. One thing I’m glad for is that there was no water whatsoever.
Time seemed to fly by in the narrows, and soon it was time to stop for a long break in a wide sandy bottom at the end of the narrows. After everyone had rested and eaten, we pushed on a bit further to the escape route. Up until that point, there had been nowhere where you could climb out of the canyon. It was a long, steep climb out, and after that was a long trudge through soft soil and sand back to the vehicles. It wasn’t really much longer than the hike through the narrows, but it seemed to drag on longer, mostly because of the lack of excitement and the addition of the hot sun which was lacking in the tight slot.
My sister was too exhausted to keep up with the group for the last half of the hike back, so I hung back with her while most of the group pressed on. We got back to the trailhead after everyone else had already left, but it was a good opportunity to strip down, wash up, and put on a clean change of clothes. We drove back to Green River and met up with everyone again for dinner at the Tamarisk restaurant. It was a nice way to wind down and relax after a strenuous and exciting day.

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  1. I really wish they had crazy outdoor organizations like that in california, or at least i knew about them. Doubt they exist if there were people who flew out there just to hike.

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