.40 S&W

Springfield XD-40 Sub-CompactI went to work in the office today, so I figured while I was up there I’d make the trip worthwhile. I’d planned on going to Cabela’s after work, then finding a few geocaches on my way home. I went into Cabela’s with a $10 gift card that I’ve been holding onto since my birthday, but I couldn’t really find anything in that price range that I wanted or needed, so I got a Springfield XD-40 Sub-Compact handgun instead. The gift card didn’t cover it all, so I had to put a little extra money toward the purchase. 😉 I still need to order a holster for it before I start carrying it, so when that arrives I can sell my Kel-Tec 9mm. I should have an opportunity to put a quite a few rounds through it tomorrow, and Traci is even eager to shoot it, since it handles much better than my old handgun.

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  1. Sweet! Sub-compact? Black or bi-tone? I fired mine today, just a few rounds, but enough to know that I love it. I need to get out and do some real target shooting with it, so if you wanna go sometime this weekend, just let me know.

  2. Black. haven’t shot it yet, didn’t get home till later tonight. I’m off till monday so anytime you wanna go.
    I very well could have ran into you in cabela’s today. That’s one of the places I went pricing the thing.

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