Pillar of Davidson

This weekend is shaping up to be pretty good. Temperatures will be in the 70s, and there’s not much chance of rain, so hiking Moonshine Wash should be nice. That’s not to say we won’t get wet (the potholes should be plenty full of water), but we won’t get flash-flooded.
The work on the bathroom remodel is going pretty slow. I’ve got the new medicine cabinet framed in and part of the sheetrock done. Actually, that would be the “new” new medicine cabinet. I had to take the other one back because it was barely too large for the existing opening. After the walls are done, I’ve got to rip out the old linoleum and subfloor, install a new Wonderboard subfloor and ceramic tiles. Then the new vanity and sink can go in, and I’ll be done. It sounds like a lot less work than it’ll really be.
I wanted to remove the gooseneck hitch from my truck bed so I could haul the sheetrock more easily, but that turned out being the biggest pain of all. It took 15 minutes, a 24″ pipe wrench, some PB Blaster, and every bit of strength I had just to break it loose. After that, it still took about 30 more minutes of pushing on the wrench with both legs, an eighth of a turn at a time, to get the thing out of there. It was worth it, though, now that I can haul larger items without the hitch getting in the way.

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