Perhaps they're volcanic…

So, I got a hair up my ass tonight and decided to start demolition on our upstairs bathroom. I’ve had a lot of excuses lately why I shouldn’t start remodeling it, such as we might be having company over next weekend, or it might interfere with camping trips in the coming weeks, but I finally got drunk enough to say, “Screw it!” I’ve had the new cabinets, sink, floor tiles, etcetera, for long enough that I have no reason to procrastinate.
It was only a little bit of demo tonight, enough to determine whether or not there was a stud between two of the medicine cabinets in the wall. Luckily there was not a stud (except that guy staring back in the mirror), so I can tear them both out and install a brand new cabinet without having to do a lot of rebuilding.
The only drawback is that we’ve got to make a trip up to Provo/Orem tomorrow (err…technically, that’s today) to buy a new light fixture and heat vent for the bathroom, since nobody in Price appears to sell decent fixtures. I know that both Lowe’s and Home Depot have a huge selection of both items, so we’re going to head out early tomorrow morning for a 3+ hour trip with the kids to pick up a couple of measly items. I still don’t miss living in that rat race, though.

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  1. Demo was fun when I worked construction, but I imagine in your own house it would be a pain in the ass. I enjoyed using sledgehammers, etc., but if I actually had to be careful, I don’t think I would.
    Have fun with that.

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