Dam Swell Time

It was another one of those weekends: non-stop action that feels like it goes on forever, but when Monday rolls around it feels like the weekend was way too short. On Saturday, we ended up going on a long drive through the Swell to reach a cache that’s been sitting for two years with no finds (pictures are here). I wasn’t even sure how to get there, since some of the roads out there don’t exist on any maps. I was able to pick out a route using satellite photos, though I couldn’t tell how good the roads were, just that they existed. The drive turned out to be the best part. The road followed the bottom of a wash for a good portion of the drive, and the scenery was excellent. It was a little tricky maneuvering my long-ass truck through some of the turns and over some bumps and hills.
After finding the cache, we started heading back the way we drove in, and stopped for lunch in the bottom of a sandy wash. The kids played in the sand while Traci and I cooked lunch. After eating, we drove on some more and stopped again at a place we’d spotted on the way in. The road was cut through the middle of a very small hill, but in that road cut was a lot of exposed mica. Traci and I did a little prospecting and found a thick vein and began digging it out with my rock hammer. I got one solid piece that weighs about 15 pounds, and several smaller ones ranging from about two to seven inches.
Yesterday, I spent the entire day geocaching alone in Sanpete County. I got FTF on a new cache just off of US-89, but after that it all went downhill. I had as many DNFs as I did finds, and I only found 10 caches. The day didn’t feel like a total waste, but it could certainly have been more productive if I’d chosen a better area to cache in.

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