Two Ninety Nine

I worked late Monday so I could get off work early yesterday, and Traci and I drove up to SLC for a geocaching get-together which about 70 people attended. We stopped at Mike and Ali’s first, then all four of us headed to the dinner in my car. It’s strange, but I’ve driven great distances twice in the past three weeks just to eat a meal with people who are just as crazy as I am.
Considering how much time I’ve spent in West Valley, I haven’t done much geocaching in Mike’s ‘hood, so we found two quickies on our way back from dinner. After dropping off the ladies, Mike and I headed back out and found 14 more caches in about three hours, and got back to his place after 1:00am. I’m not sure West Valley is the best place to be sneaking around neighborhoods and peeking through the bushes with a flashlight in the middle of the night, but we managed to survive. I only got five hours of sleep before having to get up and drive back to Price in order to be here for work at 9:00am. It’s been a long two days.
I started geocaching in September of 2003, and it took me until January of 2005 to find 100 caches. Right now, I’m one find away from 300, and I’m looking for a decent cache to mark the occasion. Getting first-to-find on a cache in an interesting location would be alright, but there are so many caches where I am the only one to have found them over the course of several years that an FTF isn’t quite as cool. I’ll figure something out by this weekend.

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