The trip to Happy Valley was a success. Traci and I normally travel up there every few months with a long shopping list, and we usually come home with less than half of what we intended to buy. Yesterday, we got just about everything we’d planned on, and it wasn’t a major headache like it usually is. The weather even cooperated, and all the stuff we hauled back to Price arrived completely dry.
We spent a good chunk of my tax refund, but there’s still plenty left over. Most importantly, I finally bought a new stereo for my truck–it came without one, and it’s taken me this long to buy one. We also picked up a new gate to go between my yard and my mom’s, a new vanity, sink, and cabinet for the upstairs bathroom, and a new tent for my planned assault on Sid’s Mountain next month.
I’ve got plans each weekend for the next five weeks, but it feels like my entire life is being planned out in advance. Today was a welcome relief from “plans,” and I’ve done absolutely nothing productive for once. Now it’s time for me to get back to my glass of cheap wine. 🙂

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