I washed my truck today for the first time in months. I hate washing it because I always end up getting it filthy again within a week. And lately it’s been too cold to wash it, but today it made it up to 40°F so far and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I’m just afraid that my doors will be frozen shut tomorrow morning when I leave to do some geocaching down in Emery County (where I’ll undoubtedly get the truck dirty again).
Traci and I have spent the last week and a half recovering our couches. They weren’t the nicest couches to begin with, but our kids have absolutely destroyed them in the last six months. They’ve jumped on them, spilled food and drinks, picked out some of the stuffing, and all the other destructive things little boys do. I don’t think we’ll own anything really nice until the kids have moved out. Anyway, we bought the fabric a couple of months ago, but we only recently decided to get started. I figured out the best way to build the covers, then we both helped to make the templates out of plain brown packaging paper, and Traci cut out the fabric and has been sewing it all together. One of them is finished, and the larger couch (with the hide-a-bed) will be done soon. I’m pretty amazed at how well things are turning out–it looks like we have two brand-new couches, but we’ve only spent about $200.

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