So they say

Sid and CharleyI spent today in the far western portion of the San Rafael Swell. The short days during this time of year make it difficult to do much outdoors. I ran out of daylight and found only five of the eleven caches I’d planned on visiting (Edit: I forgot to mention that I hit 250 cache finds today as well!). It was still a worthwhile way to spend a vacation day, and I’ve still got an excuse to return to the same area again later.
Another reason I didn’t have time to find more caches is that the BLM has closed off the road going up Short Canyon through Molen Reef. That changed it from a drive-by cache to a 2.9 mile hike. Apparently the state of Utah and Emery County have a R.S. 2477 claim against the BLM to try to reopen the route, and I hope they succeed. I can’t imagine why the road was closed. I was tempted to drive around the sign, but I just didn’t have the balls, even though it’s extremely unlikely that I’d have been caught–I don’t think any BLM personnel would be out patrolling on a Monday in the middle of December. Judging from the fresh tire tracks on the road, at least somebody’s been using it regularly.

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