I got so incredibly bored today that I decided to go for a bike ride on Wood Hill. There’s a group, Price Area Singletrack Society, that’s built several nice trails around here, and I’ve wanted to ride the trails for quite some time. December isn’t really the best time for mountain bike riding, but it turned out to be a nice ride, despite the patches of snow on the trail. I got a late start, about 3:20 pm, which didn’t give me much time to finish before sunset. I managed to drive to the trailhead, ride almost the entire length of the trail, and get home in about an hour and 20 minutes. I rode 3.8 miles total, unless you count the extra few hundred yards I rode to return to the truck to retrieve a pair of gloves. It was freaking cold! After riding for a bit, I felt pretty warm, but the downhill part was the worst because my body wasn’t working very hard and the breeze in my face was a bit stronger. It was definitely a fun experience, and I’d do it again this weekend if it wasn’t supposed to get even colder. 🙁

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  1. Yes, it is. I think even my wife would enjoy it, but she’s not much of a cold-weather person, so it’ll have to wait until the weather warms up next year.

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