Bitch, Moan

I hate plumbing. Every time I’ve had to fix something that involves pipes, it’s turned into a big ordeal, and the water leak in my camp trailer is no exception. One of the joints on a “T” fitting corroded enough for water to leak out, but I tried fixing it with metallic epoxy putty at first, which lasted for only one camping trip. After that, I tried just adding more solder to the existing fitting, but it wouldn’t stick. Then I completely removed the pipe, cleaned the outside of it and the inside of the fitting until they were both shiny, fluxed everything up all good, and tried soldering it. The solder still wouldn’t go into the joint. Today, I bought a new “T” fitting that already had solder inside of it, so all I had to do was clean and flux everything, install the “T” and heat it up. It still didn’t work!
I’m probably going to call Action Motors & RV tomorrow to see if they even do that kind of work. If so, I’ll be shelling out some serious cash to have them take care of the damned thing. If I can’t find somebody around here who can fix it, I’ll be stuck with my ghetto solution–rig up a 5-gallon plastic water jug, place it on the roof of the trailer, and run a garden hose inside for running water. Nice, eh?

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