Clickety Clack

Wow…another whirlwind day of driving on dirt roads and placing/finding caches. I took the day off from work today so I could get the remaining three caches placed before Saturday’s bike excursion along the Green River to place the eighth. My first stop was just south of Mounds, on a somewhat long and very poor dirt road that dead-ended on a ridge above the Price River. It was absolutely gorgeous–definitely the best in the series. I’ll be returning to that area for sure to do some additional hiking and exploring.
After that was the one I’ve been dreading–a very, very long drive across Humbug Flats, from Chimney Rock Road to the dead-end at the Price River. The road wasn’t as bad as I expected, but still bad enough to almost necessitate 4WD even when dry. It was about 30 miles round-trip (not counting Chimney Rock Road), and it took a few hours to complete. There were a lot of awesome sights along the way, mostly just cool rock formations.
The last cache I placed was easy–a relatively short drive on a decent road, and I left the cache just 140′ from the road. I suspect that some of these caches are going to sit for a LONG time before anybody finds them. That’s fine by me, since these are the types of caches I like to go after myself.
I really need to get a new cachemobile. My truck gets better fuel mileage than most gasoline-engine trucks, but diesel is much more expensive–I paid $2.69/gallon today. I’ve been on several road trips in the past two weeks, and I’ve probably spent hundreds of dollars on fuel alone in that time. I’ve also been eating a lot of peanut butter and jelly, so I suppose it evens out. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Clickety Clack

  1. just yesterday, diesel was $3.15 a gallon here in socal. premium gas has gotten over $3. I paid $2.65 for regular a couple of days ago, and it’s up in the $2.80s now. I guess it’s time to buy a hybrid. Or some shit.

  2. Pretty well – I’ll be a father twice over within the next few weeks; hopefully by then I’ll have put together a place to show off pictures. I miss this shit. 🙂

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