Mike and I had a pretty good bike ride along the Green River yesterday. The trail we’d planned on taking ended up being on the wrong side of some private property, so we had to drive up the dirt road on the east side of the river instead. We stopped the truck short about three miles from our destination and rode the rest of the way. It was hot and sunny, and I got sunburned a bit, and my ass hurts–I haven’t ridden my bike enough yet this year to be used to it by now. Round trip ended up being nine miles, and I placed the cache just above a huge boulder with some petroglyphs on it, and with a view of the Price River confluence to the west. I also fell in love with the BLM campground. It’s situated right where the pavement ends, and it’s gorgeous. There are a lot of huge cottonwood trees, and a very big sandy beach. There aren’t many sunny, sandy beaches in Utah (go figure), but this one is the best I’ve seen.
I tried once again to fix the plumbing in my trailer, this time going all-out in an attempt to do the job 100% right. I bought a roll of 5/8″ flexible copper tubing, a tubing cutter, a flaring tool, a large roll of solder, a new shutoff valve, and a couple of fittings. The flaring tool ended up being a piece of shit–instead of flaring the copper tubing, it pushed it back down through the hole that was supposed to hold in in place, and it gouged the crap out of the sides of the tubing. I ended up taking everything back to Sutherland’s for a refund. They didn’t have any of the stuff I need to try my hand at running braided vinyl tubing, so I’ll try CJ’s tomorrow.

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  1. Done. You know, you might want to hit Solo up for hosting (you’d probably need a domain name, but he could probably hook you up with that as well). He’s been hosting me for free for almost five years now–it doesn’t get any better than that. 🙂

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