I just uploaded 38 new pictures, most of them taken in the San Rafael, and all of them while geocaching. They were all taken within the past month, which makes me realize that I’ve traveled to a lot of places in a very short period, and there’s no end of that in sight, at least not for the next few weeks. Next weekend I’ll be in Provo/Orem, the weekend after that I’ll be stuck at home with the kids while Traci goes to the scrapbook expo, and the following weekend I’ll be camping out in the Swell with a big group of geocachers. After that, I don’t have any solid plans, but I’ve got many ideas.
Mike’s and my hike to Moonshine Wash yesterday was pretty cool, but not nearly as awesome as I expected. We made it to the cache without much difficulty–there were two drop-offs where we had to stop and determine if we could climb back up if we continued down. After finding the cache, we tried hiking further down into Moonshine Wash, but we were stopped short by a narrow slot and some deep water. I would have really enjoyed hiking in the areas pictured on the cache page, but neither of us were really prepared for that kind of adventure.
Today, I half-jokingly suggested that we should drive to Green River and check out Crystal Geyser. I’d been there a few weeks earlier and stayed for a long time but didn’t get to see it erupt, and everyone else still seemed up for it, so we went. Traci even managed to borrow her mom’s Expedition, so we packed my family and Mike’s family into one vehicle and headed south. We got there and hiked around a bit, then watched the geyser sputter a bit just like I’d seen the last time, but it stopped without ever really doing anything. After being there for 45 minutes without any eruption, we decided to leave. However, we’d brought stuff to make sandwiches, and I needed to eat before driving home, so we stayed long enough to make a few sandwiches. During that time, the geyser started sputtering again, but this time it all-out erupted. I’m glad I finally got to see it go off, and it made the trip completely worth it.

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