Moonshine Wash

The weather has cooperated all week, and it looks like my trip to Moonshine Wash is a go. Mike is coming down tonight, and we’ll probably leave early in the morning (if we don’t stay up too late). I want to visit Moonshine Wash first, then do some more exploring in the area during whatever time we have left during the day. It’s supposed to get up to 70° in Green River, and we’ll be about 20 miles south of there, so it should be perfect. I only hope there’s not much standing water in the bottom of the canyon.
We’ll drive about 75 miles just on dirt roads tomorrow, so I’m bringing two spare tires. When I got that flat tire near Buckhorn Wash a few weeks ago, I had about 30 miles of dirt road between me and Castle Dale (the nearest paved road), and I didn’t feel good about driving it without a spare. I hope I won’t need either of them tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Moonshine Wash

  1. I just sent you a private message on uutah with a KMZ file showing the route I took, but just for the hell of it, here’s a Google Map showing the route for just the narrows of Moonshine Wash. The line along the road is just approximate–it’s not clearly visible in the aerial photos for most of the route to the trailhead, but it’s not too bad of a road (high-clearance 2WD would be just fine).

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