San Rafael, Geocaching, Etc. - April 3, 2005
Miscellaneous Geocaching Pictures
Black Dragon Wash
Unusual pictographs in Black Dragon Wash
Strange rock near Jessie's Twist
Overlooking Utah Lake
View toward Lake Mountain
Near Eagle Canyon overlook

Crystal Geyser:
Mineralized earthworms
Me standing amid the mineral buildup
My shadow
Closeup of pattern detail
The horizon casting a shadow on a hill near Crystal Geyser at sunset
Tilted layers of crystalline rock, presumably the namesake of Crystal Geyser
Bubbling near the geyser
The geyser beginning its eruption (foam flowing through bullet holes)
The eruption growing larger
Full force

The Wickiup/Buckhorn Wash
The Mazda parked at the beginning of my hike
A cliff near the top of The Wickiup that I couldn't get past
View after reaching the top, looking up
Same spot, looking down
Same spot again, looking toward I-70
View up after hiking back to the bottom
Parting shot
Flat tire near Limestone Bench (a piece of limestone punctured my tire)
Bottleneck Peak
A shallow cave in Buckhorn Wash

Moonshine Wash
A nest of caterpillars on a tree branch
Impassable slot--we had to hike around it
Shallow cave
Moonshine tanks
View up the wash from the tanks
Mike and I at the tanks
A pool of water
Layers in the sandstone
Critter tracks
View east over the top of Moonshine Wash
Rock formations on the east side of Moonshine Wash