Chump change, and it's on

Since Traci and I are nearing completion on the kids’ playset, I think I’m going to resurrect my white Subaru this weekend. It needs basically the same work done that I did to my ’88 a couple years ago–head gaskets, oil seals, etc. Once I get that complete and I’m satisfied that the car will last me awhile (since I’ve never driven it, I’ll just have to wait and see), I’m going to give it a new paint job. I’m thinking I’ll roll on some bed liner, then hit it with a camouflage paint scheme.
I’m just getting to the point where, since my Taurus is no off-roader and my truck is only 4×2 and unreliable, I need something to take off-road and beat on. I used to take my ’88 Subaru out every weekend and just wander around in the mountains or the desert, but I haven’t done anything like that in over a year. I miss it.

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