Learning to Swim

I can’t believe I’m still awake this late. I got to bed around 1:30 last night, and woke up at 4:30 am to go hiking/geocaching with Mike (log entries and pictures are here and here). We hiked 8.5 miles through Saddle Horse Canyon in the San Rafael Swell, and it totally kicked my ass. I carried my new backpack with a little over 25 pounds in it the entire way, and it surprisingly wasn’t too bad. My balance was way off when climbing some of the steeper hills and ledges, but my back and shoulders were able to handle the extra weight. Also, we weren’t able to get to the $100 just waiting for somebody to grab. The amount of time and energy we’ve already expended trying to get to it isn’t nearly worth the money, but I just want to be the one who gets it first–plus, the scenery isn’t too bad. =)

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